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Since 1987, RGR Linen has been providing high-quality textiles for various industries. They offer a wide range of linen products tailored to the specific needs of different sectors. Their clientele includes hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cafes, homes, beaches, spas, and yacht marinas. Over the years, RGR Linen has built a reputation for delivering top-notch hospital linens that prioritize sterility, hygiene, and patient comfort. Their hotel linens are carefully crafted to ensure guest satisfaction, and their restaurant and cafe linens create a stylish and professional atmosphere.

For individual customers, RGR Linen provides home linens that offer comfort and style. Beachgoers can enhance their beach experience with their high-quality beach linens, while wellness centers can promote relaxation with their spa linens. Onboard yachts, RGR Linen offers yacht marina linens that provide both comfort and elegance.

In addition to their diverse product offerings, RGR Linen also provides uniform solutions to various industries, helping establishments maintain a professional appearance.

With over three decades of experience in the textile industry, RGR Linen aims to continue meeting the unique needs of their clients and delivering excellent experiences in every environment.

Our Products

Hospital Linens

RGR Linen offers high-quality hospital linens for healthcare facilities. Sterility, hygiene, and patient comfort are our top priorities. With products designed to meet the needs of healthcare institutions, we ensure that patients have a comfortable experience.

Spa Linen

RGR Linen combines relaxation and luxury in spa linens. With our towels, bathrobes, spa slippers, and other products, we make your spa experience unforgettable. With soft textures and elegant designs, we pamper your body while supporting your relaxation.


RGR Linen combines love and comfort in baby & kids textiles. With our soft baby blankets, cheerful bedding sets, colorful towels, and other products, we provide a special experience for your little ones. Our carefully designed products prioritize children's comfort and safety, bringing peace of mind to parents.

Hotel Linens

RGR Linen provides meticulously designed high-quality hotel linens. With a focus on guest satisfaction, our specially prepared bedding sets, towels, and other products elevate the hotel experience to one of luxury and comfort.

Yacht Marine Linen

RGR Linen combines comfort and elegance in yacht marine linens. With our bedding sets, towels, deck cushions, and other specialty products, we add a touch of luxury to your yacht. With durable and water-resistant materials, we ensure an excellent experience on board.


RGR Linen offers impressive solutions in promotional textile products. With logoed t-shirts, promotional towels, caps, and bags, we strengthen the promotion of your brand. With high-quality materials and carefully applied prints, we provide unique and impactful promotional products.

Home Textiles

RGR Linen combines elegance and comfort in home textiles. With our bedding sets, towels, and decorative products, we add a unique style to your home while offering high-quality products with soft textures and durable materials.


RGR Linen combines professionalism and style in uniform solutions. With our uniforms specially designed for different industries, we contribute to your company's professional image. With high-quality fabrics and meticulously crafted details, we provide comfort and confidence to your employees.


Pamper yourself with RGR Textiles' premium towels, bathrobes, and doormats. Experience luxury and comfort like never before! Shop now and elevate your daily routine.

Beach Linens

RGR Linen offers special products for an unforgettable beach experience in beach linens. With our beach blankets, beach towels, and other beach accessories, we enhance your beach enjoyment while providing comfort with durable and lightweight materials.

Cafe Linen

RGR Linen emphasizes elegance and professionalism in cafe linens. With our tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and other products, we create a graceful ambiance for your cafe. With high-quality fabrics and various color options, we offer solutions that match your cafe's style.


Experience elegance and comfort combined with RGR Textiles' luxurious peştamals. With their lightweight and absorbent structure, our peştamals are perfect for the beach, spa, or home use. Embrace sophistication with RGR Textiles' exquisite peştamals.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • RGR Linen elevates your business with professional textiles. Uniforms, tablecloths, and napkins enhance the ambiance and customer experience.
  • RGR Linen offers exclusive yacht textiles for comfort and style on your yacht. Bedding sets, towels, and deck cushions ensure a memorable experience.
  • RGR Linen offers cozy home textiles for a peaceful and tasteful atmosphere. Beddings, towels, and decorative pillows are designed with high quality and style.
  • RGR Linen provides luxurious spa textiles for an unforgettable relaxation experience. Towels, bathrobes, and slippers pamper your customers.




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