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Since 1999, under the umbrella of RGR Group Management, Brooklyn Bagel takes immense pride in offering the finest and freshest pastries to its valued customers. With a delectable and diverse range of options, they create unforgettable flavors that are sure to tantalize taste buds.

Customer satisfaction has always been the top priority at Brooklyn Bagel. Their warm and hospitable team greets you with a smile and is dedicated to providing exceptional service. Their unwavering commitment to hygiene and quality ensures that they consistently deliver the very best.

From traditional recipes to modern twists, Brooklyn Bagel’s wide selection caters to every palate. With freshly prepared products, they promise a delightful feast of flavors that will leave a lasting impression.

Beyond their passion for crafting delectable pastries, Brooklyn Bagel also embraces social responsibility and practices environmental awareness throughout their production processes. They are dedicated to growing responsibly and sharing the best with their customers.

If you seek the perfect blend of quality and taste, Brooklyn Bagel stands as the ultimate destination. They invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey of flavors with them. So, come and join them at Brooklyn Bagel to savor the delight of exquisite pastries like never before.

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Indulge in the simplicity and classic taste of our Plain Bagel. With a soft and chewy texture, it's a perfect canvas for your favorite spreads or toppings. Treat yourself to the timeless delight of our freshly baked Plain Bagel, a true bagel lover's choice.


Experience the delectable sweetness of our Sweet Cream Bagel. Filled with a luscious sweet cream, this bagel offers a delightful treat for your taste buds. Indulge in the perfect balance of flavors with our Sweet Cream Bagel, a delightful choice for those with a sweet tooth.


Discover the savory indulgence of our Cheese Cream Bagel. Filled with rich and creamy cheese, this bagel delivers a delightful burst of flavor. Savor the perfect blend of textures and taste with our Cheese Cream Bagel, a mouthwatering choice for cheese lovers.


Experience a medley of flavors with our Mixed Bagel. A delightful combination of various fillings, this bagel offers a diverse taste experience in every bite. Enjoy the excitement of exploring different flavors with our Mixed Bagel, a true delight for those who love variety.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Bagels can be enriched with various fillings. They can be flavored with different ingredients such as cheese, ham, salmon, salad, or cream cheese.
  • Bagels are a versatile bread type enjoyed in different cultures. With their creative shape and rich content, they appeal to various taste preferences.
  • A bagel is a type of bread that is shaped like a ring and baked in the oven. Traditionally, it comes in various flavors, including plain and sweet.
  • Bagels are popular as a snack for breakfast or in-between meals. With a soft interior and a crispy outer texture, they offer a unique eating experience.




As RGR Group Management, we are at your service with our subsidiary companies specialized in TEXTILE, CONSTRUCTION, SOFTWARE, and BAGEL businesses. We contribute to the success of your business by providing customer satisfaction and quality-focused solutions.

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